A Community for SaaS Founders and CEOs
Because it doesn't have to be lonely at the top!
Who's it for?

SaaS founders and CEOs, with a focus on companies between $0.5M and $50M in ARR.

What's it for?

Organize (future) real world meetups, e.g. side events at SaaStr Annual etc.

A place where you can easily DM other SaaS founders. Reduces need for email – or even worse – InMail 😱

Asking questions, requesting help, support and feedback from the community.

Random chat – share and discuss anything interesting or fun with your peers.

Who's behind it?
mogul.io is maintained by the team behind ChartMogul. Because of this it doesn’t need to make money, or grow too large. We’re primarily doing this as a labour of love, and not to use as a marketing channel for our own service.